What is Self-Care?

Today's world is so fast paced that we may find ourselves overcommitting our time which can be very overwhelming.  We live in a society that praises not getting enough sleep because of being busy chasing dreams. This causes people to live with a mindset that they must be busy all the time in order to prove they are working hard at reaching their goals. At this point, we may over

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So….What is Yoga?

Well, the perception is usually on the surface what most people see are the yoga poses, and not the other 90% of the full teachings of Yoga. To most people from the outside looking in, it looks like a form of exercise, mainly one that showcases flexibility. So the most common reaction to it is the desire to want to move the body in unusual positions; however, this is only

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New Beginnings

Hey Loves! So I after practicing yoga for almost 2 years and documenting my progress, primarily on Instagram, I have decided to create my own blog! I am both nervous and excited about this new chapter in my life and I hope you will join me along the way! The main reason I started Yoga back in December 2014 was because I wanted to become more flexible and eventually be

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