Wednesday Restorative Yoga with This Curvi Yogi

Date 2020-09-23-2020-09-23

Join Jacquitta for a Relaxing, Restorative Yoga Class. We will focus on creating a space of Relaxation through, breath, meditation, and Restorative Poses.

Materials you can bring to the session:

– 2 Yoga Blocks (or 2 Thick, hardcover books; you’ll use these as a prop under the head, the hips or under the bolster)

– Blanket

– Yoga Mat

– Bolster (or 2-3 pillows, or couch cushions)

This class is $7.00 and can be paid via PayPal. Click below to Sign Up

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If you have additional questions,  Please send an email to heyjacquitta@thiscurviyogi.com .