Self-Love, No-Love, or Is It Vanity?

In today’s society, we see countless people taking countless selfies, and receiving countless likes on social networks. It makes me wonder if this is how they validate their own self worth; Do they depend on others to express their approval validate themselves? or are they genuinely comfortable at this moment regardless of others opinions or approvals? Do we as a society show our expressions of self love or has it turned into vanity?


I’ll admit, that validation from others has been my source of fulfillment in the past. I always cared about what others thought of me and wanted to feel somewhat accepted. To hear that someone close to me disapproved or did not agree with me, caused me to question my self worth and abilities. The same goes for those who post things on Social Media and wait for the likes to pour in. They let it be the judge of their own self worth.


The reality is that we all seek these types of validations all the time. It may be at work or in the work we produce; we may seek it when we get a new haircut or when we where a new outfit; We seek it when we try on new makeup; We seek it almost anywhere, and most of the time we don’t even notice that we are.

But what happens when the feedback or validation we receive is not the same as how we feel it should be? What happens now? You will most likely feel less than what you actually are. You may not feel like you are worth much or even worthless. Validation can play with your emotions and have you questioning your own abilities and self worth.

So how do we actually avoid these feelings?

The answer is learning to love yourself. And I don’t mean just to the point where you become vain and think you physically look good; but to the point where you love and appreciate everything about your being.

And that’s basically what Self-Love is…..

Self- Love – regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Do you love yourself? Are you putting your well-being above other things? Are you promoting your own happiness? Do you appreciate yourself and your efforts

I dare you to assess your own life and figure out if you genuinely are promoting your own happiness or if you are letting others do it for you. You may be surprised with your own results.

Learn to love yourself first.

Love and Light…

This Curvi Yogi