Consultation Call (Free)

Our Consultation Call will help to inquire about our services and develop a personalized plan for your 1:1 Sessions. 

15 Minutes – Free

Virtual 1:1 Yoga Session

Our Virtual 1:1 Yoga Sessions will help you to work towards your own personal goals in your asana, meditation, or movement practice. 

60 Minutes – $55.00

Virtual 1:1 Meditation

Our 1:1 Meditation Sessions are designed to create an environment of awareness of breath, body and mind, while focusing on a mantra, affirmation, or positive thought. Journal time will be provided after each session.

30 Minutes – $20.00

Virtual 1:1 Self Care Strategy Session

Our Self Care Strategy Sessions will allow you to explore one of the many types of self care and create a plan of action to include a new Self care practice in your life.

30 Minutes – $15.00