This Curvi Yogi is Balanced! Meet Donesia!

This Curvi Yogi is BALANCED!

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Meet Donesia, a yogi who has allowed her practice to keep her mind open to new perspectives, and body ready for new challenges!

  1. What is the affirmation that resonates with you right now in your life? Why did you pick this affirmation?

I am Balanced. I am Peace.

I picked this affirmation because my life tends to get hectic and I lose my self in the daily grind of bills, work and starting a business, so I have to remind myself every single day that I am balanced and I am at peace. Whatever is happening in the current moment is temporary and I am ok.

2. How did you start your yoga practice?

I started my yoga practice in 2006 while in college just to get my physical education credits done. I heard it was an easy pass class. I continued with waves of really being into yoga then dropping off for a few years. 2018 was my most transformative year, I became an instructor, have a strong home practice and teach weekly across Los Angeles.

3. As a Curvy Yogi, what obstacles have you had to overcome in your practice?

The obstacles I’ve had to overcome by being a curvi yogi, is my own self acceptance. Talking myself out of trying new classes because I thought I may be too big, or may get embarrassed because I’m not able to complete the flow. It’s all just in the rewiring. I know my worth now, and every day is a journey.

4. What is your favorite yoga pose? Why?

My favorite yoga pose is Urdhva Dhanurasana also known as Upward Bow and Wheel Pose. I love this pose so much because it gives a different view of the world you’re presently in. It’s a great pose for stretching the front of the body, it increases your energy and an all over strengthening pose.


5. What is your least favorite yoga pose? Why?

I honestly don’t have a least favorite pose. My most difficult pose I would say is a cross between pigeon and goddess pose. Both very strong and beautiful poses. Pigeon gets deep into those hips where we hold a lot of our emotions and trauma and goddess works a lot of the lower body and core. So I tend to not include these in my practice but now since writing this, I will definitely include this in my next flow.

6. Do you use props in your practice? If so, what is your favorite prop to use? Why?

I absolutely use props in my practice. My favorite props to use is a blanket. We all have one at home, and it can be so handy, if you need a boost while sitting in easy pose, to build the ground up to you while in pigeon, or just to keep you warm while in savasana. The blanket is a very under utilized prop.

7. What advice would you give to other Curvy Yogis who are trying to build their practice?

I say just keeping going, keep trying, if studios make you uncomfortable, there is always Free You Tube flows, I understand its difficult and awkward but keeping going. Asana is just the physical practice, there is so much more to yoga than the pretty pictures. Yoga to me is about being true to your inner most self, being present and ever evolving; Asana just opens the door to all of that.


Thank you Donesia for sharing your practice with us!

You can find Donesia on Instagram here