This Curvi Yogi is BLOOMING AGAIN! Meet Shannon!

This Curvi Yogi is BLOOMING AGAIN!

Meet Shannon, a yogi who has recognized her own power and is  now moving forward in it!

Shannon in Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)

1. What is the affirmation that resonates with you right now in your life? Why did you pick this affirmation?

The affirmation that resonates with me mostly right now is: 

“I hold the steering wheel to my thought. So at any moment I can switch directions “

I heard that affirmation on Tracy G’s, audio affirmation mix tape named  Love, Light and That Good Shit . I chose that one because it really helps me. It helps me remember that I control how I feel . I control how I react. I have a chose how my life will go.

2. How did you start your yoga practice?

 I started yoga back in 2015 after looking up different ways to exercise but using my bodies strength and was not going to cost an arm and a leg lol. I stumbled upon Yoga and how great it was for the body ,mentally and physically. I got on YouTube and looked up yoga for beginners and the rest was history.

3. As a Curvy Yogi, what obstacles have you had to overcome in your practice?

Good question. Physically trying to do certain poses can be difficult. Example: boobs suffocating you while working on handstands lol.

4. What is your favorite yoga pose? Why?

Well it’s between splits and backbends. Splits because  I have always been able to do them even before starting yoga. But backbends have a special place in my life. The way my body feels after getting into the pose, its like all the tension in my body goes away.

Shannon in Hanumanasana ( Front Split)

5. What is your least favorite yoga pose? Why?

Can I have a love /hate relationship with a pose. Least favorite pose would be lotus. My hips have not yet opened for me to be able to do it properly.

Shannon in Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus Pose)

6. Do you use props in your practice? If so, what is your favorite prop to use? Why?

Yes I love props. They are a big help because it allows me and others to properly get into poses and not strain or hurts ourselves.

7. What advice would you give to other Curvy Yogis who are trying to build their practice?

Just stay consistent and don’t beat yourself up if can’t get a pose at that moment. Also remember why you started .

Shannon in Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)

Thank you Shannon for sharing your practice with us!

You can find Shannon on Instagram here.